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© 2019 by Mad Mona, photos by Dani Cyr & Victoria Music Scene.


Mad Mona is a Alt-Rock group from Victoria, BC that released their first single in February of 2019.

This unique group of individuals are pumping out original rock music with a harmonic flare. Three of the band’s primary members are songwriters and vocalists, lending creative layers to their songs through each members contributions. Their unforgettable live show incorporates unique lighting, stage props and a high level of energy and interaction with their audience. On top of that, being led by a female member of the LGBTQ+ community is a contributing factor to the band’s unique footprint in music as well as their musical ambitions. Bringing this voice of diversity to the music of BC, Canada and the world at large allows Mad Mona to contribute to a broader, more accurate picture of humanity through art; both its beauty and its struggle. These unique attributes are what Mad Mona is looking to capture and bring to the world with this forthcoming album; a release showcasing the ups and downs of the band’s members throughout the last few years.